Life After X-wah

The letdown of the end of the year is post-seasonal depressing. No matter how great Xmas was, the wind-down is a wet blanket in comparison.

Jerry Becker begs, Please don’t letThe Day After Christmasturn cold. He reasons, It’s just another day. And his tuneless muddling is just another song.

More British, Quadband adds a symphonic backbeat to the message–“The Weekend After Christmasshatters every childhood dream. Harsh, but well rehearsed.

Michael DeLong magics a guitar while reciting a laundry list of what you don’t get in “After Christmas Blues.” It’s a lot. More folk than blues, though.

The least wonderful time of the year, begins “After Christmas (Januarysong).” Wisherkings slows time and melody to make us face the end of joyeaux noel. Symphonic folk weirdness. Damn.