Life After X-love ending

What of the love that wanes, a casualty of the Christmas drama? Is it so hard to lose both the spirit of giving and the highlights of sharing? Or is it all one big bad?

It could just be time to leave. Sun June sings “Christmas is Over” with so little spirit, and nothing left to say. Just going away. Sluggish folk pop.

Best breakup excuse is the (lack of) quality of the gift-giving. An oft-featured chorale Xmas antidote, “The Twelve Days After Christmas,” is here given all the highbrow comedy cracking up Cynthia Lemen & Cool Lemon Jazz can bring to bear. See what they did with their parody….

2nd best excuse is met someone else: The Thneeds club rock a breakup over a mall Santa. Yet “The Night After Christmas” is clever and hopeful from the clever angry left-behind guy. Hats off to the chins-up survivors.

Megg is a mess “3 Days After Christmas.” Bangin’ pop details all the lies, outcries, and whys of the romantic crash and burn. Watch out!

There in Bristol After Christmas” by Coming Soon (feat. Howard Hughes, Dave Tattersall) orders a side of sad to go with their diner delicacy of breakup. Grunge-y folk ballad.

King Everything is “Unfollowing You After Christmas.” So there. Amateurishly half-baked more than garage rock.

Rockin’ the warble, Scott Ryan cries that she packed up and lefty him and now it’s “The Day After Christmas.” It’s all broken candy canes and missing carols. Pretty pop, raw feelings.

Or how ’bout, how ’bout this–just forget the whole thing. Earwig is not waiting for you, not this time. Emo-boy slow pop (it gets mad later) tells you what it’s gonna be “Next Christmas.” In yo’ tinsely face!