Wait for the Squeal

Getting hypoxic with suspense can lead to high pitched keening, which, any other time of the year is annoying but just before Xmas, is parentally preferred. Go figure. Squeak it up, singers!

Light and airy kid frolicsome, Doug & Deb rock the uke for “I Just Can’t Wait ’til Christmas.” It’s nearly ragtime in its earnest energy.

Perky a bit more than the music allows, “I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas” is Michael Gurley’s entry in the sing-along easy rock family time glee.

Dean Kelly switches up the Britpop to punk pogo with “Can’t Wait Until Christmas.” Catchy as Covid, innit?

Kenn Rowell & The Baghdaddies up the folk rock with shouted singing about the good old times in “I Can Hardly Wait ’til Christmas.” Not earbusting, but leaping and goofing like it’s okay.