Singing Bells

Sometimes the tintinnabula are just instruments to make music at Yuletide. Just play along.

Kidsong leans on this idea so those tensed up kids can let loose with some percussion. See: “Ring Little Bells” as performed by the Christian Sesame Street Veggie Tales. Wee, wot fun.

Infectiously round the Christmas Songs and Carols channel on Youtube has put “Ring, Ring, Ring the Bells” to the tune of ‘row your boat.’ Your kids don’t stand a chance.

Greg Page has the kids cheer for the “Christmas Bells.” In his kidsong the you sing la la lala la with the bells. Okay.

Etta James conducts your kids with “Ring the Bells.” Altogether now.

Dingle dangle dingle ding is just some of the message brought to you by Peggy Lee in “Ring Those Christmas Bells.” It’s not singing so much as onamotopeoia-ing.

The Bandana Splits boogie some boogie with “All the Bells” Sweet Christmas song.