Musical Bells

Adults like the bells of Christmas, too. Some make songs about their musicality. A couple of those songs aren’t very nice about life.

Sha Na Na is pretty doo top about life. “Christmas Bells” go ding ding-a-ding ding for them. Ahhh.

Willie Kalikimaka (Willie K) is pretty upbeat about his “Christmas Bells,” almost childish. But that strong Hawaiian rock beat thrashes it up pretty good. Parental supervision is advised for a good time.

Hard Call Christmas raps about times that are ‘hard as hell.’ “My Christmas Bells” recounts the probs with urban holiday celebrating. And–the bells. (Wait, is that a sex reference?!) BLUE. ALERT!

DJ Fire “Twerkith on These Bells“–which is more of a dance background than a statement. But, that statement woulda been mean. Electronica to twitch the toe.