12 o’Clock Bells

Bells might ring all through the holidays. They certainly do the week after Christmas for the new year.

Dave Para and friends gets in the folk community spirit with “Ring in the New Year.” Unplugged revelry.

Garage celebration from Motion City Soundtrack. “Together We’ll Ring in the New Year” is churlish and sarcastic. But, that’s good for the genre.

Let him die, intone the a cappella Crofts Family with a dirge for the old. Not sure i’d sing this “Ring Out Wild Bells” on Dec. 31. Folk sorrow from the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem ‘In Memoriam.’

Vintage crooner Johnny Cole chimes in on “Ring Out Wild Bells.” The new is coo’, daddio.

Did I say cool? Billy Ward & His Dominoes is gonna take us on a trip to Mars “Ringing in a Brand New Year.” Doo wop done right.