Xmas Tech Support: writing

As mammoth a cultural pillar as Christmas be, all our advancing technology serves it from the printing press to AI. No, i’m not going to include Alexa singing (yawn). But i will fill your month with novelty tunes that reference the overtaking crawl of advancement and progress machine-wise to our happy times from past to present (there is NO future).

Writing has been with us longer than Christ, so i’ve already offered some cards and letters in Christmas songs before now.

Brentwood Kids Company spell it out with “Love Letters of Christmas.” Whoa, not the steamy ones from a long distance relationship. Though X does figure in.

For the adult stuff, let’s tune in R. Kelly’s “Love Letter.” Brought to you by the letters R+B.

Keith Whitley’s “Christmas Letter” is a last testament by a dying old man. It’ll stand up in a court of law. And jerk some country tears.

Let’s work in more wit: Jerry Becker has a clever English lit showtune “The Man Who Writes the Cards” about the penman behind the Christmas greetings for you (and, well, you–i don’t buy those; prefer to make my own).