And a Party in a Pear Tree: the Guest of Honor is Santa

Santa giving a party is one thing. What about that party for Mr. Claus?

Keith Whittal gets bucking country for “Santa’s Christmas Party,” all the while seeming slightly racist and fun.

The ACOUSTIX get even more country mean with “Santa’s Christmas Party.” Explicit reindeer games involve Grandma, but in a way that’s worse than death.

Lord Nelson add Caribbean big band to “A Party for Santa Claus.” Dance, everybody!

The kids may be best equipped for throwing the shindig. “Christmas Party Time” is a kids country rocker with all the fun that would entice and invite Santa. Roy Fulton knows.

Waiting for Santa is almost like a party. Robby Grant has a light garage swinger in “North Pole Christmas Party Band.” Puts me in a mood.