Take a Card: hip hop

Urban dissent rhymed out for the masses to feel the pain of discrimination has been abused once it hit profitable margins (circa 1994).

HighTyde reminds us how white people problems are quite different than black peoples’. “Christmas Card” follows the travails of a po’ hungry guy what slips on the ice. Will a sentiment found on the street save him? Will the karaoke ‘Carol of the Bells’ in dubstep?

Pop folk beats with a rock rhythm frame the essential rhyme-alism of PC Muñoz’s “Send Me a Card at Christmas.” It’s more Latin than Detroit, but it carries the banner.

Wool See gets it. “Christmas Card.” Casual crudeness,  ‘cuz why not? Pressure cooker anger w/a glimpse o’ an ending w/an actual promise o’ a glimmer o’ a possibility o’ hope.