Take a Card: pop

Blissfully circular melodies with quick time and repetitive lyrics descend from many genres. Pop is sneered at and set outside of genre, but it’s money. And infectious.

The Shooting Stars drop out of punk and grunge into britpop with “My Christmas Card to You.” Sloppy sentiment (the song is the card), but the tubular bells are what sells.

OBB also sing this “Christmas Card to You” to package the platitudes about The Truth with unrecognizable shreds of funk and rock. Whoa-oh-oh.

Reprise: The Partridge Family bastardize folk and jazz to pop “My Christmas Card to You.” It almost sounds like music. David Cassidy, older–not quite dead–and raspier, has added some bluesy ragtime to a newer version.

Once in a moon, pop pees in your cornflakes because it’s so tired of having to entertain you. TeraBrite starts out the ecard “This Christmas Card from Me” sweet and soul, then gets nasal, then metal (sorry about the deck the halls). Fooled me.