Presents of Mine: rewrap

Previously posted songs must be rementioned during this time of wrapping the presents.

Certainly the charmless Aquayemi-Claude Garnett Two Thousand Akinsanya’s “Wrapping Up Presents by the Christmas Tree” needed be repeated. But this party remix tries so much harder. Not sure anything got wrapped here….

Brilliant parodies from The Mistletones and an uncredited post by Leight Press mock M.C. Hammer with “Can’t Wrap This.” Now that’s funny.

Duncan G also retros the pop with a Devo spin on “Wrap It.” Har har har har.

First and second place, however, go to genius Joel Kopischke for “Hopeless Wrapper” (Mumford and Sons), and (drumroll, please) a parody of George Michaels that has to be heard to be believed.