Gassed for the High Holidays

Including the whole Flo-chart in one song doesn’t overcrowd the lyrics. All you have to do is say: drink, drank, drunk.

The Ryan & Amy Show present Moms over Miami with “Drunk Christmas,” an hilarious dive into desperation and despair. The odd lounge electronica pairs well with the acid flashes during the so-called instrumental.

Drunk Sprungy (with Innuendo) walk us through the bottom rung disappointment of the holidays for dangerously disenfranchised blokes in “A Drunk Sprungy’s Christmas Carol,” only one step on the action list being alcoholic consumption. Rap comes from the oppressed and downtrodden, and white as Drunk Sprungy is, he owns this.

Class act Dave Rudolf parodies ‘Tannenbaum’ with a falling down specificity named Tom. “Tom Got Bombed” is a sordid saga of salaciousness worth singing about.

Bethany & Randy Laskowski party a bit more disco with their “Drunk on Christmas,” walking us through Eve, Day, and on and on. Sounds like they’re egging themselves on.