Toymakers Local 1224: arbitration-5

Was it all the way back in 2013 Ylvis wanted to know about foxes saying things?

I guess it seems longer ago.

So many parodies, so many.

Academically, we have Vicki Daglian and Colleen Kiernan’s 2nd grade class positing “What Does the Elf Say?” I smell a ringer. The actual vocals can’t be some average seven-year-old!

Homegrown The Jaybirds, freaks out about the Elf on the Shelf in their “What Does the Elf Say?” This is fairly normal among parents.

Mat Moody gets an E for Elfort with his “What Does the Elf Say?” He also gets major support/budget for his mediocre satirizing skills.

Shoal Creek Community Church proves that many missionaries have wicked keen wits and bombastic musical numbers, but i’m not sure why their set up for their “What Does the Elf Say?” parody starts with such a creepy Eyes Wide Shut Christmas costume party.

Jared O delivers the goods on the best note-for-note parody, helped with clumsy accents and long cheeked bros in chorus lines, cluttered with clips of Will Ferrell. There’s a low bar for “What Does the Elf Say?” but i enjoyed it.