And Now… Here’s Santa!

Blue Powerade Boys sardonically have a bone to pick with all the crap going on. “I am Samta” seems like the reasonable epicenter of blame. Plucky clucky indie.

Also sus as Big Red is AronChupa & Little Sis Nora’s BLUE ALERT character “I’m the Santa Claoz.” Some fun EDM Euro-pop.

Santa Churn is rapped about in “Winter Wonderland” by Homie Churn (feat. Henry The Barbarian). Some dis and BLUE ALERT bleeping.

Jackie B is the strip club owner in ‘The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical.’ When he lounge lizards the bluesy “Baby, I’ll be Your Santa Claus” you might want to reconsider your life choices.

Santa Bibby” is also rapped about this time by K Bibbles. He seems nicer.

Self Referential Saint

Worth another listen: Syrpyntyne’s Elton John parody “Reindeer Man” sadly portrays our hero heroically.

The Santa Band” features The Music Santa as kidsonged by Bebefinn & Pinkfong. Hmm.

Maniac Clown gets down to funk with The Man in “Reindeer.” What he lacks in goony talent he makes up with smarm.

FarmerHank goes full BLUE ALERT with “Saint Prick.” Racist, misogynistic, foul… get a PR mouthpiece and shut the rap up, man.

Holiday Roger’s “Bad Boy of Christmas” reveals statements made in haste. Electro-pop that shines a light on the dark underbelly of Santa.

1st Person Christmas

1954 keeps twangin’ along with Eddy Arnold (And His Guitar)’s “I’m Your Private Santa Claus.” It’s a love declaration, not a military incursion.

Mikael Englund & Árpád Solti go the showtunes route with the bombastic “One Night Santa.” Humblebrag.

A confused playa, the narrator of “Christmas 2023” raps modulatedly from Birmingham Lordson. You have to appreciate the gifts! It’s my way or the highway.

Nasal rockabilly (y’know like Elvis) from The Refreshments declares “I’m the Real Santa.” Dy-no-mite.

Michael Scott Dublin (feat. Robert O’Connor) wants to “Welcome to the North Pole” you and yours. Kid pop alt. Now that’s some hohoho-ing.

I’m Santa-cus. No, I’m Santa-cus.

Vedo the Singer wants to be a friend. But his breathy love pop “Tonight I’m Santa Clause” is a bit pushy. He’s just playing.

Le chat au café’s “I Think I’m Santa” (Alex Bergmans​/​Matt Chill G cover) comes off as a gentle rap (despite a BLUE ALERT). A bit mindless in its repetitiveness.

Royce Davies acknowledges an actual S.C., but wants to help out when he folk plans “I’m Being Santa This Year.”

Bobby Vinton recounts that easy listening pop time when that orphan asked “Dearest Santa” for parents. Santa tells the story. Keep it together!

The Not Fur Longs slide pop notes into one another for the dreamy “Yo Yo Yo (It’s Good to be the Santa).” Ding a ling ding a ling.

Me, Santa

I Wanna Be Your Santa Claus” from Johnny Pierre is a romantic overture of the bluesy rock kind. Comes on heavy, but so’s Santa.

R+B with a disco edge pushes Rufus Thomas to declare “I’ll be Your Santa Baby.” I believe. ‘Til 1984.

Soul from DJ Prototype makes the room swirl. “I Wanna be Your Santa Claus” is gonna get you some! (Put it on a loop, though: the beginning and ending are clipped.)

Keith James goes falsetto R+B in “Santa for You.” Smokey.

Gregory Porter (Featuring Roxiie Reese) brings us more seductive R+B. “I’m Your Santa Tonight Baby” is consistent, insistent, and persistent. Don’t be resistant.

Behind the Beard

More posers! Keith Urban is gonna make everything all right ‘cuz “I’ll be Your Santa Tonight.” Believe in his jumpy country pop.

Honky tonk come ons from Willie Mack and Jason McCoy who confuse Mr. Gifts with some pimp daddy when they belt out “I Wanna be Your Santa Claus.” It’s s’posed to be about the GIVing, guys.

Wha-oh, here comes Bill Cosby (yeah) who wants to be your Santa Claus in “Merry Christmas Mama.” Lisping R+B embarrassment.

Hey, crazy world–“I Wanna Be Your Santa“! The Krayolas retro the pop with some mighty fine rock guitar licks.

With Santa Claus as Myself

Impersonators are people, too! “I Wanna be Your Santa Claus” from The Muddies voices alt rock against the odds. Give ‘im the hat!

Girlrap lays out the case how “I Want To Be Santa Claus” from Alicia and Justin (Featuring Alison Clapper). Pretty stinkin’ melodic, despite the big guy being dead (or is it Dad?).

Ringo Starr sluices away all the pretense with his ultra laid back pop rock “I Wanna be Santa Claus.” Might as well.

Rudd Young falsettos kidsong in “I Wanna Grow Up to be Santa Claus.” It’s the best job in the world! Hee hee.

Xmas Autobio

More imposition on the mantle of the Claus with our aspirational philanthropy… The Withers rap parody with “Secret Santa Baby.” Modulated mischief.

Silly garage from Brad & Barry claims “I Wanna be Your Santa Claus.” Tell me what you want, dear. Woof.

Charles Jones gets R+B serious wanting to “Be Your Santa Claus.” Romantic? Creepy? It all depends on the eye contact. Me, i’m melting. (Keith Sweat mellows the hello out of this.)

William Clarke bottoms out the blues with the gnarly “Please Let Me be Your Santa Claus.” He’s askin’, but that harmonica is BEGGing.


Worth another listen: Here Come the Mummies dance club up some blues with the danceable “Secret Santa.” Herein begins the gray area of WHO is Santa.

He sings, she sings in Gary Fjellgaard’s “Secret Santa.” Aw shucks folk country pop flirts me to you like mistletoe on fire.

Vista Blue retro rocks their “Secret Santa” like it ‘s a party. I can’t believe that I got you!

Retro sockhop from The Barbary Coasters blows hearts your way as your “Secret Santa.” Just between us.

I am Santa Claus

Worth another listen: Obvi we have to recycle the Black Sabbath parody “I am Santa Claus,” but we’ve already heard Bob Rivers. Other, more metally rockers, weigh in, like The Juggling Potatos.

JunyTony’s kidsong “I am Magic Santa” gives ear to the other side of the aisle. Here, the gifts are wishes for seeing dinosaurs and going to space. Hyper.

The other side of the triangle might be the lounge ballad “My Name is Christmas” by way of Scott Scovill (featuring Hanne Sorvaag). Is it Santa or a personification of a day?! Smarmy!

Super Alvarez Bros. indie up some mysticism with “Have I Told You Lately That I’m Santa?” Para-psychedelia that makes you wonder. (Beware the ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sampling!)