Pere Noel

Worth repeating: Lance Songs does kidsong a favor with loosey goosey word jazz set to a simple beat. “Santa, Eat Your Cookies” is as much invitation as celebration. Hahahaha, ho ho ho ho.

??? garage their appreciation of their ‘friend’ “Santana Claus.” No guitars wielded by this figure, but he’s got gifts.

More confused is the mashup “O Santandoa” from Grammarchist. Global Warming crosses the old Jimmie Stewart Civil War movie. It’s a fun mess.

Four part harmony might mean Jay Stansfield is dead serious about “The Man in Red.” But it feels like fooling around. Altrock fun.

Rayvon raps for Disney in “The Santa Wrap.” Some scratching, some sax. But it’s clean as the down of a thistle.

Pretty indie mushiness from Colin Farish calls out observations about that night with the gentle “Thank You, Santa.” What, you couldn’t make a cookie?