Big Red

Worth repeating: “Super Rock Santa” from The Fleshtones has the beat, the boast, and the best of music going for it. What have you got?

The Castle Arms are amazed by “Rock ‘N Roll Santa.” He’s really good. So’s this echoic pop.

Rock Rock Rock Rock Santa!” as produced by third Earth tilts toward punk. But the chimney diver is still a rocker in it.

Rockabilly better suits “Santa was a Rockin’.” The Elfish Preselys do resurrect the King to bring us the slamming testimony. Appreciate it.

Rock N’ Roll Santa” seems to hail from The Delta. Do You Hear What I Hear? (feat. Christine Ohlman) cajun away the cold to move your feet.

George Thorogood & the Destroyers play “Rock & Roll Christmas” as a rock tribute to tell Santa to go go go. The sax does it.

Robert ‘Dr. Bob’ Blake tortures the tonsils with the country “Santa Claus Rock.” Ouch, that’s… music.