Kwanzaa Kwaffure

What’s that on top of your head?! In “Rockabilly Christmas” it’s Santa’s hair–piled high! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy swings that thing.

Updating (or mocking, it’s so hard to know with young people) They Live by Night honor St. Lucia with “Lucia (I Deserve Candles in My Hair).” Alt rock reverence, i guess.

Just Put a Ribbon in Your Hair” is a country attempt at romance: all I want for Christmas is you, with a little adornment. Is it ‘cuz your hair’s a mess? Is that ALL I want you wearing? Eddy Arnold cornpones the cornsilk outta this.

What Have You done to Your Hair” is a likely refrain when family holiday-assembles after a long absence. It’s Passive Aggressive parenting from Harrison Lemke. Now with more indie guitar banging.

In some kinda mashup Rev Run (Feat Mase, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Salt N Pepa, Onyx, & Keith Murray) wail on “Santa Baby.” They not only want rich gifts for themselves, but also My little sister needs a comb just to braid her nappy hair. Rap your head around that.

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