Royalty Free Lyrics “December Wind Go Take a Hike”

The obligatory weather alert song.

December Wind Go Take a Hike

How lovely, it's
Nearly Christmas
I have a wish...
And it's for us!
But then the cold 
Rears up its scold
And puts my goals
In a chokehold.

December wind
Go take a hike;
I'm not thin-skinned
I just don't like... December Wind!

No fireplace
Nor heating grates
Can save my face
From polar fate!
I need a hug,
A liquor jug,
Or tauntaun's gut
to keep me snug

December wind
Ste-als my breath,
Cuts skin like flint
'Til all that's left's... December wind!

Through ev'ry leak
I hear a shriek;
Wear frosty streaks
Across my cheeks.
Swaddled in coats
I make a toast
To the North Pole's
Most fatal ghost....

December wind,
Please take a break
Or frostbite wins!
...I'll never shake... December wind!

Not rap, not really. Not nearly exhaustively long enough for rap. I’m feeling more cowboy country. (Country rap?)