Discriminate This, Sucka!

Racism gets more screen time these days, ‘cuz there’s more screens. Always had it, always will. Talking about it should help, but i don’t see it. Golden rule, fools!

White supremacy has reared its ugly head before in the blog. But, there’s always room for one more! “Blond Hair Blue Eyed White Baby Jesus” is the ironic pop triumphal from Hunteroninski. Catchy yet troubling.

Dave Goody milks the humor out of folky “Santa Claus is a Racist” with hilarity like the ‘White Christmas’ song proving his thesis. No new ground here.

Luxemburg Trio belts out the anthem “Flip The Table” as a tribute to the Christmas family dinner with older, narrow-minded relatives (Fuck You Uncle Mike) (so, i guess, BLUE ALERT). Taking control back with more bad language. (This song suffers from concept album chatter at the end… go with it.)

Funny story, “A Kickstarter for Christmas” is when Daddy gives all the gift money for the kids to buy a racist hot dog stand. Great bluegrass, but a confusing lower economic social status here from Haschel Cedricson.

Chinese Frog Legs for Christmas” is more Salvador Buttersworth folk stumbling through his limited wiki to honor the buffet he can get on 12/25.

Cultural Appropriation Christmas” goes after First Nationers, Jamaicans, other Latins… uh oh–there’s black face. Cat Named Norris offers an uke-y olive branch to the lesser cultures… It’s not racist if I’m ignorant! You’ve been warned.