Damn That Holiday: Hellions

BLUE ALERT for Busdriver’s mad rant over the holidays. “Ding-a-Ling-a-Ring-a-Ling” is a rap for the ages (adult only) that compares cashiers to hellions. It gets worse. Catchy bicycle bell though.

An actual hellion enters stage right in ‘Possessive! The Musical.’ Yet this Darian merely interrupts the satanic conjuring of his sis in order to get filled up with badness. He wasn’t ever getting but a Whole dang coal mine Christmas stocking; still i figure this is more victim than minion. Listen to the metal limned “Friday the 13th (Intro Intro Intro)” to figure it out.

Elevnety Seven (feat. Spaceman Jones) Suffered a nervous breakdown Bringing Christmas Eve back to Halloween Town crawling out of the “Hellmouth.” Rapping the pop song. So, bleak AND annoying.

Fleetwood Mac figures If today was Christmas day And tomorrow was Christmas Eve, there wouldn’t be need to worry about the “Hellhound on My Trail (Take 1).” Tinkly lounge music that reminds us Xmas trumps Hell-things.