Damn That Holiday: Satan.5

In “Satan Won The War On Christmas” by Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens the Hell King is shown to own our souls anyway, so our Xmas is on his terms. Metal edged rock with an axe to grind, albeit gently.

Billy Castillo doesn’t have a lot to say when he sings “Satanic Christmas.” Apart from an infernal plug for Taco Bell, it’s just chanting for a bit. Then there’s a rant. Gregorian pop.

Cynical Christmas Carols (Hail Santa)” by Satan’s Basement is metal ravings about a self harmer realizing the demons are dragging him away from the angels. To the tune of ‘Jingle Bells.’

Oh yeah we’ve been waitin’ For Christmas with Satan” by James White & The Blacks. Extra crunchy experimental jazz backs this peripeteia of expectation. (Satan throws the best Christmas party ever!)