Yuletide: Cruise Amuse

Some people like a getaway for the holidays. Remote cabin in the woods may not appeal like an oceanic runaround, though. Hence, the Christmas Cruise.

The kiddo version of this is from the musical ‘A Children’s Christmas Musical Journey.’ “The Hallelujah Christmas Cruise” by The Hallelujah Chorus is bouncy yet measured fun. Doesn’t cut loose, but doesn’t kneel and pray either.

Todd Sparks has the adult concept well in hand. Not only does “Christmas Cruise” simplify this transaction into leaving the winter behind and heading to the steel drum band, but also his dad-rock is as good as any boat band tribute. (By that i mean merely okay.)

Overplaying those steel drums comes Robert Akers asking with island pop for Santa to give him a “Cruise for Christmas.” No snow shoveling… margaritas instead! This stuff writes itself. (At least something should.)

Lawndry has a dream-like psychedelic little ditty in their “Christmas Cruise.” Lots of Jews (for the rhyme), but also a bit sinister. I like it.