On Track to Xmas: Riding the Rails!

Not exactly commuting, the American classic hobo did use the train system for shelter and support.

Oscar’s Christmas Lament” by Hadnot Creek zips together blues and pop country to explicate the hopes and realities of the boxcar life. Tough stuff.

Protest singing from Bill White makes the same points the hobos make: trains are the only way to go. “The Christmas Train” is hard driving blues for those on the tramp.

Santa Fe Sam and Hobo Bill” make the best out of hungry exposure around Xmas playing the What If game. Boxcar Willie does that talky sad storytelling to the weepy violins. …then there’s the miracle of ham and taters and all the fixin’s. Was it a dream–?

Hobo Christmas” from Sharp & Cissell has that driving rock rhythm that elevates country to Americana, so their sad story is fun.

Grunge country splashes water in your face as Old 97’s sing their “Hobo Christmas Song.” Side effects include toe tapping, yodeling, and eye rolling.

Actual fiddlin’ country from Matt Andersen brings a nobility to the “Hobo Christmas Train.” Makes you feel like takin’ a gap year and joinin’ in.