Christmas Countdown: 24-*

The day before the holiday a person could use some mood-changing substances….

Psychedelic piano improvisation adds to the cacophony of the wasted “Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.” Riding through the snow Christmas Day, Chevy sitting on 24’s candy paint, Your whore want to go but it’s out my way–Tell her stay! I ain’t got no time to waste. Hott$cott got some ‘nog to flog, dawg.

Sometimes takes whiskey Sometimes takes more Always on December 24, laments Seth Adam in his slow rocker “December 24.”

Sex is the drug for Lardi B (feat. Projext) in the ‘romantic’ rap “Holidays.” Better be going by the 24th to get there! Sweet na nana nas.

More lust from Siopaolo (feat. Kelsey Kuantans): It’s the 24th of December, Remember last year when we promised we’ll meet Right before Christmas day–I want nothing but ice this year, We’re jumping into bed after 12 AM. “Hot Cocoa” seems to be code for this finger-popping R+B seducer.

Trying to get something going, poet Adam Marsland alt-grunges: Not to kill a metaphor But it’s “December 24th.” Yet, metaphors snow us in.

Despite falling asleep on the sofa bed on the 24th Autyn recalls the next morning “I Met an Angel (On Christmas Day).” Rock, i guess. (Céline Dion covers this–heavy on the sax–believe it or don’t.)

Sons of Daughters leans into the honkytonk with a brawling expose of a disturbance report of some red-suited guy at the local drinkery in “Moonshine and Mistletoe.” Line dance like you’re drunk!