Christmas Countdown: 40§

Another Christmas Without My Niggas” is the BLUE ALERT nostalgia of Boogie Badazz. Lookin’ back isn’t sweet–nothing is. Miss my friend
(Clutchin’ on the forty, got it hangin’ out the shirt, ain’t no hoes over here)
. Even “This Christmas” isn’t too good for ol’ Badazz: They just gave lil’ Bobby 40 ‘fore Christmas time (Damn, Bobby).

Even naughtier is the promiscuous new acquaintance Drago (feat. Freeah) makes in “Naughty List.” This bouncy rap (to the tune ‘Last Christmas’) veers from women to drugs (Got a 40 ounce of dro so we gon’ run it up) to the difference between composer and conductor.

LRN Nola (feat. Okill & LRN Fly) BLUEST LIST rapping responds to “I Hate Santa” with all sorts of other hatin’ [I’ll go get that .40 and pipe you down]–most of is misogynistic. Get it all out….

Ease up, ease up. “How The Grinch Stole Covid” by Reality Student Ministry re-raps the story with children in mind. Distancing at 6 feet apart? The Grinch laments, People won’t touch me Man, with a 40 foot pole!

Lamar Riddick gets up to family speed with the Christmastime cheer in his “Rudolph,” a rap of rapid word play [Iʼm a 4.4 40 yard Dasher]. Faster!