Christmas Countdown: 365 ()

What’s longer than a year of love started at Christmas? A year missing your love at Christmas! That’s relativity, that is. Einstein told me to tell you.

On the one hand, Office Party wants you to know they’re better off without you (but I’m not gonna lie, Shawty, you’re on my mind three-sixty-five twenty-four). “Santa, Please!” is a fun back and forth (Sorry/Not sorry) rock piece that pivots like a dance floor star.

Dustin Bermuda admits that 365 you were on my mind all day in the auto-tuned R+B reach-out “Nothing I Want More.” Hints of overspending, desperation, and pit stains.

Jacques slows it down with R+B rap in his acceptance speech “Christmas Without You.” See, she done pickup up with someone else. Well, I done sacrificed 365 days, he admits, ticking off holiday moments that won’t include you. He’ll still leave your present at your place. In case.

Alex Goot is gonna wait 365 days. But loneliness wins out in the soul-pop torture “Next Christmas Eve.” He’s not exactly delusional (I bet you’re looking lovely). But he’s hopeful (Are you thinkin’ of me?) Okay, i felt that. Ow.