Christmas Countdown: 1959

The Continental Drifters ballad hard on Mama and Daddy whose farm failed and ran them into the ground. But the good times are encapsulated when his brother saw his first TV, It was the Christmas of 1959 and they families up for a few. “Daddy Just Wants It to Rain” is the American horror story of working hard, not mattering, and being forgotten. This American rock should help fix some of that. But, gee….

Mom and Dad in an unnamed singer’s “Christmas in Three-Quarter Time” are doing better. With all their snuggliness and kisses and icy-slow country music, they enjoy still driving the car made in ’59.

Kent Goodson & Michael Panasuk also recall a good time around “Christmas 1959.” boogie woogie (but slow, for the old folks). Brenda Lee, the King, Jerry Lee, they were all there!