Christmas Countdown: 80,000,000

Gabe Cornell likewise bypasses the whole explicit Xmas mention. “Millions” is a slow, melodic rap detailing how much money he’s got. And if you don’t like it, you can kill yourself. He counts it out to eight. Times ten. Isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? (It IS on a holiday-is album.)

Christmas Countdown: 100,000,000

The Brothers Footmen sing about belief and faith in “Million Reasons.” This could be some love song, ‘cuz a ‘baby’ is invoked. But the hundred million reasons to doubt will be washed away by one good reason. Sounds like a Christianity thing, t’me. Xmas album with this rando soul song.

B2K mentions the hundred-million-dolla G4 among the swag “Santa Hooked Me Up” with. Rap with range.

Christmas Countdown: 1,000,000,000

Willivision and Mindy Lloyd sing the blues for the “Billionaire Christmas.” How do they do it (the billionaires)?

The Help reveal “All I Want for Christmas is a Billion Dollar No-Bid Contract.” But after this garage rock, the blues.

One Billion Years of Christmas” from Myles Anderson takes us on a study of–wait for it–Scientology. This is some reference to the billion-year contract signed at certain levels of attainment. So, it’s not just Xmas, it’s the big picture. Tootling show tune.

Christmas Countdown: uncountable

Some numbers are beyond conceivable, like in “A Grinch’s Dream.” The Yev narrate this folk-pop plaintive to Santa about the eight million billion (or whatever) recipients Santa is expected to reach. But, who’s counting?

While we’re getting weird, let’s drop in a musical thing of questionable Christmas-osity… Skippa Jones and “Million Billion Trillion.” Puts me in a celebratory mood for all that warbling pop-music random ping ponging.

Christmas Countdown: ∞

It’s getting closer to Christmas. Well, it’s always getting closer to Christmas. The day after Christmas is revolving around to the next Christmas. The numbers matter. Feel free to visit The Christmas Clock to check on that.

What are the numbers for Christmas? Well, twelve… twenty-five… erm, one?

Surely there are more.

From the top…

The “Infinite Christmas” song from Fruber is neither ordinal nor cardinal, but like Shari Lewis’s Lamb Chop’s ‘The Song That Never Ends’, loops endlessly. It is a circle of Hell, with tidy vocalization. I’ll attempt some repetitive Xmas music later and star this.

Dan Collins gets poet-troubadour with “Christmas Tree Infinity,” a piano bar rocker of lost perspective. Brrr.

Playing the odds, Ryan Hill posits that given enough resources an “Infinite Monkey Christmas” (plus infinite typewriters) will result in–if not Shakespeare’s corpus–a merry Christmas. Fun and fizzy unplugged rock.

Waves of Infinite Christmas” from Ireworks may not give us mathematical direction either, but this experimental ‘music’ does seem to take a while. Sing along.