Christmas Countdown: ∞

It’s getting closer to Christmas. Well, it’s always getting closer to Christmas. The day after Christmas is revolving around to the next Christmas. The numbers matter. Feel free to visit The Christmas Clock to check on that.

What are the numbers for Christmas? Well, twelve… twenty-five… erm, one?

Surely there are more.

From the top…

The “Infinite Christmas” song from Fruber is neither ordinal nor cardinal, but like Shari Lewis’s Lamb Chop’s ‘The Song That Never Ends’, loops endlessly. It is a circle of Hell, with tidy vocalization. I’ll attempt some repetitive Xmas music later and star this.

Dan Collins gets poet-troubadour with “Christmas Tree Infinity,” a piano bar rocker of lost perspective. Brrr.

Playing the odds, Ryan Hill posits that given enough resources an “Infinite Monkey Christmas” (plus infinite typewriters) will result in–if not Shakespeare’s corpus–a merry Christmas. Fun and fizzy unplugged rock.

Waves of Infinite Christmas” from Ireworks may not give us mathematical direction either, but this experimental ‘music’ does seem to take a while. Sing along.