Christmas Countdown: 1,000,000+

And a little more…

Run D.M.C. gets a mill in cash from Santa’s wallet in “Christmas in Hollis.” And that’s what Christmas is all about.

A million gold bars is one of “All I Want for Christmas” from LZTraps, mediocre rap about worth.

Simple Plan wants a million gifts, it’s right there on “My Christmas List.” Driving rock/pop.

So, Santa’s got those million gifts, via “Father Christmas is Coming” from BiiJ. Tweaking children’s music.

Liz Thresher equates your pleasant company over the holidays with “A Million Dollar Christmas.” Syncopated R+B that doesn’t flirt all that hard.

Greed leads to excess. So “A Million Dollars for Christmas,” a sassy rockabilly antic from The Andersons!, doesn’t seem all that surprising. Count how many times they sing the title! Repetitive!!