Line Up-finishers

Some songs simply sneak in the roll call of reindeer. Listen carefully.

The Simians’ “A Perfect Christmas” is that list of ingredients that fill the bill. Alt-rock sneaks in the rostrum at the end.

Santa Country” is old beach rock, so the actual country features Santa Barbara, or Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, or Sante Fe–get it? Reindeer creep in at the finale thanks to Bad Tide.

Flaterectomy gets desperate with his Song-of-the-Week challenge in Week 51’s “Ho Ho Ho,” in which Santa robs with a BLUE ALERT bitter vocabulary. The reindeer are named as accomplices in this metal/show tune mashup.

I Got Yule Babe” from the inimitable Joel Kopischke waits for the outro to enumerate the sleigh pullers… and some bonus crew!