Life After X–okay Santa

Maybe Santa’s on his extended weekend after Xmas. Maybe it’s all boatdrinks and hula girls. Celebrate, come on!

(Quick detour into criminality first: GreenPoint Blue try the (cheesy electronic piano) pop humor route with “Santa’s Late for Christmas” because of a run-in with the law. Presents only while on parole. Devolves into an agenda.)

Florida Keys require partying by law. “‘Twas the Night After Christmas” by John Jay Martyn is the calypso about unwinding that you’d expect. (And yet… reindeer games, and–Hemingway sighting!)

Horace Peterkin & Friends bring the actual parang with “After Christmas” asking Whatchoo gwinna doo after Christmas? Scolding again, for the privileged. Santa may have spoiled us, but now that it’s done let’s all love one another. And dance!

Santa’s Helpers take us another route with “The Day After Christmas.” In this ’70s inspired pop doodler, Santa finds a letter he overlooked and dives down the rabbit-hole of what life means.