Life After X-not there yet

Trains, Planes, Automobiles… sometimes you don’t get home until after Xmas. Is that okay?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force stomps all over the traditional ‘Home for Christmas’ with “I’ll be Home the Day After Christmas.” Potty, pathetic parody. I’ll drink to that.

Hectic Hat swears that “After Christmas” they’ll be home with sweet emo-boy polky pop. The sirens in the background tell another story, though.

Hoping and praying, Madelynne Witt works hard at homewardness “Days After Christmas.” Missing her baby so much. Slow pop with a country influence.

The sentiment sours when that place you grew up is forever lost to you. Tennessee Twin twiddles the bluegrass into gold with “X-Mas is Past.” The blues don’t bring these proud ones down, though. Life goes on, ‘cuz–Jeezus.