Life After X-yea

With the passing of Christmas, perhaps it is time to open a can of whoopee. I mean, finally, right? Woo-hoo.

Skavengers have caught the spirit of the season so hard that “An After Christmas Song” celebrates that perpetual high. Infectious Filipino ska pop. (Jim Sarthou claims to have originated this ditty, but slows its roll to the point of dreariness.)

With barely a spring in their step KC and The Sunshine Band wave in the ‘fun’ with their “After Christmas Song.” Funeral pop.

Half surf rock, half Beatles throwback “Merry After-Christmas” falters over sped up chipmunk vocals and clumsy tempo. But The Spongetones mean well. I’m just suffering doldrums this music can’t lift me from.

Bill Berry yanks the folk rock out from Dylan with “‘Twas the Night After Christmas“–an after hours party for Santa and company. They have no scruples, those unharnessed reindeer. Damn, nasty.