A Near Thing -20

Sometimes what we look forward to when Christmas is round the corner is the companionship and reunion of loved ones. Well, for those who can stand other people (cheers to ya).

Carly Simon draws out Livingston Taylor‘s “Christmas is Almost Here” as an easy-listening tribute to commonplacities. Finding a partner for the dance? Is this Prairie Home Companion?

New Nashville Revue’s “Almost Christmas” is honky tonk pop swing about being alone and jealously side-eyeing other lovers. Downer topic, downer genre mashup.

Unplugged, singular, plaintive folk/pop makes much more emotional impact, so take it away MYMP with “Soon It’s Christmas.” Heartstrings strummed. (Carol Banawa does this breathily and sexily; half a point off.)

Laying the blues on a piano bar smarm, Marc Broussard is begging for home with his sorrowful “Almost Christmas.” Lighters out!