Christ Bells

The clarion call of the church bells summon some of us to the stories of Advent, Nativity, and Epiphany. So gather ’round, true believers–at least when the alarms go off.

W.D. Hay commands “Ring Out the News, Oh Christmas Bells.” That only begins to say it all, in folk cadences. Then the rest of the stories.

Face Vocal Band gets the a cappella ringing with “I Hear the Bells.” These bells call you unto.

Jesus is the King! sings Evie Tornquist to get you home. “Come On Ring those Bells” is for family, for fun, and for God’s sake. Kristen Chenowith puts more sass into it.

The Leonard de Paur Chorus “Ring de Christmas Bells” to quieten you alls down for dis King of Kings info. This is 1956 joyousness, so–authentic calypso? racist patois? i dunno. Swingin’ i’d say.