WHAT ELSE? Io Saturn Aura

Perhaps the roots of Christmastime extend to centuries beforehand with the Roman empire’s Saturnalia. This celebration seems to have undergone generations of changes with opposite-world day for masters and slaves, carnivale, and rituals to honor the Golden Age (when old Saturn was king of the gods). After Christ’s time, it resembled a full week of partying-feasting ending on 12/24 (Julian calendar).

A (sad) comedy bit WITH SONG comes from Space Barbarian Productions. “Saturnalia” is a bitchy biz pitch gone trippy with Saturn promo-bombing the meeting. The song is a couple minutes in and charmingly glee-showtune barmy. It’s only a minute and a half, but should serve as introduction.

David Warren Solomons has a catchy electronic chant-song in Latin. “Io! Saturnalia” includes English translation, but the attempt to recapture what might have been an antique tune is sideswiped by the US political references of 12 years ago sprinkled about. Is it to laugh?

Saturnalia has been appropriated by Goths and Deathheads as anti-Christmas. Sure it’s pagan, but they were nicer than the usual barbarism and exchanged (gag) gifts. Cauda Pavonis (Latin for peacock) has the only offering i’m willing to take time with. “Saturnalia” is prog rock rowdyism that hints at upbeat anarchy.

What we were hoping to stumble across is that “Saturnalia” carol that respects with disrespect. Moka Only has an experimental garage rap that qualifies.