ReduXmas: Behold a Star

Had some fun digging up Xmas song tributes to celebs. Damn, they were hard to find. Many were shoddy and home grown. A couple shone bright. Then i found s’more.

The Serious Brothers go white trash with The King. “It’s Another Joyful Elvis Presley Christmas” is warmed over pop rock about all the presents the family get each other featuring the one and only. Amen.

What if Elvis was Santa Claus?” wonders Dysfunctional Family Band. Classic cornball comedy to pop music!

Bye George” is Dr. BLT’s (Christmas version) eulogizing The dead Beatle, Mr. Harrison. Heartfelt folk for a bereft holiday.

A better pastiche, “We Still Miss Someone” takes on Johnny Cash’s song in Johnny Cash style, also raining on Christmas parades with memorializing. Dr. BLT has a particular set of coping skills.

A sad scenario of Xmas love loss turns into a Jackson Brown song in Jerry Becker’s “If He’d Said Anything at All.” I can’t tell how much genius i’m looking at here, folks.

Ghosts of Christmas Pastiche also get a visit from The Sponge Awareness Foundation with “An Axl Christmas.” Message received (but guitars not thrashed so much).

Bob Kevoian (of Bob and Tom morning show) unspools “It’s a Die Hard Christmas” (w/banter & bleeps & reactions) in honor of a true Christmas flick. But it IS a hoot.

More seriously musical, Fortress of Attitude gets dirty blues with “Yippie-Ki-Yay.” I dig the Al Powell solo.

Also hoot-worthy, The Brian Setzer Orchestra fills in The Flintstone‘s theme with holiday lyrics for “Yabba-Dabba Yuletide.” That is some swinging tune.

Some sportsfan-apalooza happenings include Keith Sagona’s “Andy Reid is at the Buffet.” It’s a take on ‘Coming to Town,’ but this NFL coach needs his meats.

Baltimore’s own Jojo & Kenny compliment from left field with “Cal Ripken Christmas.” Original, but mushy easy listening for all its leg-pulling.

Let’s finish up with the inappropriate. Les Issambres (French Riviera?) alt pops “It’s a Sad Sad Christmas Day. Saddam Hussein….” Apparently Ba’athist dictators can really ruin a Christian celebration. Who knew?