ReduXmas: Anthropomorphic Snow Sculptures

More Xmas adjacent subject matter. I figured snowmen would be a week out of the month of snow songs, but they are never-ending. I even got a book about their history (last Christmas). (Apparently elaborate sculpting was much more the style until just over a hundred years ago.) And they’re such nice stand-ins for all aspects of humanity.

E.g. “Chris Farren’s Disney’s Frozen” by loveable nudnik Chris Farren (feat. Anika Pyle & Sean Bonnette). Funky folk about a naive young lover. Kwicher bitchin. (Caution: no corporate mouses were harmed in the lyricizing of this song.)

Other famous snowmen are riffed in Heywood Banks’s “Frosty the Bluesman.” One chill dude.

More hauntingly high pitched, Steven Courtney conducts children choir through “Snowman on the Hill.” Family life beckons, what will you choose?

The Withers roll up the parody pitch here with their “Frosty.” Spooky! Dusty!

Nasty time with Matt Roach. “Frosty’s Carrot Stick” is about a tuff roller who’s alt ready to get into it. Chill!

Continuing to dude up the demographic comes Dr. BLT. “Chillin’ with Frosty” is some funky fun.

Dumb anti-semitism from The Bob and Tom Show with “Irving the Snowman.” It writes itself!

Even more bro-tastic, Jesse Maximum, JMaq of Shark Uppercut, cuts up with “Frosty the Bro Man,” a hip hop gnarly duke out, and then synths up “Metal Frosty” as the nightmare you weren’t prepared for.