Don We Now: warming up

The season is upon us… what to wear?! (Spoiler alert: it’s going to be mostly ugly sweaters and Santa suits.)

First off–what’s the weather outside (frightful?). Then we recommend “Winter Clothes” as kidsonged by Joanie Calem.

Tom Rambow (The Porch Owls) takes a different (folk) route with his “Winter Clothes” all about lovers’ regrets. Pretty stuff.

Back Pocket gets alt jazz with “Winter Clothes” about depression and pain.

Winter Clothes” for Marrus is just baggage. Garage light.

Derek Fawcett eases the mood when he signs about the weather worsening calling out for “Winter Clothes.” But then his pop folk starts the blame game with some metaphor for his relationship. Crybaby.

Retro pop folk (like Simon and Garfunkle) is Grace Basement with “Warmest Winter Clothes.” See, his love will keep off the chill….

Since the mood is so poetical, let’s party out with “Winter Dress” (code for Mother Nature & snow) from Humming House. Honky tonk pop.