Presents of Mine: specificity

Don’t get me just Anything for Xmas!

A BIKE! “Jimmy’s Christmas Present” is that kidsong that rocks from Jimmy Giggle. Well, dadrocks.

  1. The same presents that keep on giving include: “A Cadillac Under My Christmas Tree” by Bad Detectives. Jingly ‘billy.
  2. A Guitar Beneath the Tree” by Silent Stranger. Folk reflection that cranks up some hair rock.
  3. A ’55 telecaster Under My Tree” by John Jorgenson and Carlene Carter. Road rock with a country twang.
  4. Santa Bring Me a Dinosaur” (a NEW version) by ME ‘n’ JB. Kidchorus.
  5. War Toys for Christmas” by Roy Zimmerman (the originator of the song). Poppy folk irony.
  6. A Christmas Cat Song” by JibJab worries about the exact right gift for Jesus. Singsong folk.
  7. Swiss Colony Beef Log” (a FUNDRAISER cover) by Brandi Bigley. The South Park Christmas classic showtune revisited.

Familiar, but unsung here, Chris Farren beats hard on “Christmas Guitar.”Garage whining ‘cuz he busted the old guitar. Good luck, chuck.

Try one more new post from Joe Quesada and Idlechatters: “Ultimate Comic Gift.” Rock’n’roll with Elvis impersonation included. (Collectors note the ridiculous lengths comics go to reissue.)