Presents of mine: just the song, ma’am

Writing a song about a Christmas gift and stuck for a concept…? How about the song as the gift, you tautologist!

Bill Craft admits ‘this gift has no value’ in “A Gift of Song.” But it’s passable bluegrass.

Nugu Buyeng screwed up and got her “No Christmas Present.” Gets BLUE, backpedals, then tries to cover his ass claiming this song is the present. Lame-o. But fair folk rock rap.

Tommy Wiseau (awful movie “The Room”) has the gift of a “Christmas Song for You.” It’s almost worse than you suspect.

Kem has a ‘hey girl’ “Christmas Song for You.” I bet he got you something else, he’s that good. Slow soul.

Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 didn’t know what to get you. He went with his strengths. So “A Christmas Present” here is his mellow country. It’s for his mom and dad. Sentimental, and a spelling lesson.

Just say it. “This Song is Your Christmas Gift.” I hope you like it. It’s better than nothing. Pop from Fairmont. (Perhaps a veiled threat in there.)