Presents of Mine: overdrawn at the snow bank

Time for attempted comedy on behalf of those without a pot to jingle in.

Voice maestro Billy West overspends for fun in his sleazy pop “I Wasn’t Broke for Christmas This Year.” Conspicuous consumption comedy.

TampaStan picks and grins some lighthearted ‘grass in “This Christmas (We’re Gonna Go for Broke).” He’s spending more than he has but it’s all for a good cause: a funny song!

Bing Bupkis and the Krenshaw Kids toil to bring you a ’70s Christmas special style musical number with “I’m Broke Again this Christmas.” Thanks anyway.

Mitch Benn goes big with “We Pretty Much Broke the Bank this Christmas.” Showstopping drollery.

3rd Alley jolly up the dire circumstances with “Broke Christmas.” Doesn’t matter if you’re naughty when you’re for naught, eh wot? Bouncy tin pan alley.