Presents of Mine: creditable

Parodies of carols that bemoan our overcharged state? Look no further (and hope no farther).

Almost ‘Silver Bells,’ “Credit Cards” by MSU Singers is hard satire (read not funny). “Credit Offers” by the same crew is definitely ‘Deck the Halls.’ But the talent is starting to wear thin. Then “Here Come the Creditors” shows harmony, but is it ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’? Boy, you got me. “Visa Wonderland” also fishes for source music, but it’s much more fun. “Charge All Ye Faithful” is their best on this theme. Soothing.

Debt Free Squad runs ‘Jingle Bells’ into the bank for “The Debt Christmas Song.” Amusing.

Bubba Claus comes through with “Maxin’ out Our Credit Cards Again” (‘Winter Wonderland’). Listen carefully for the ‘Slingblade’ reference.