Tremendous Holiday Fun: Tree Time Activities

Don’t just sit there, do something around the tree!

Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra paint us an orchestral chorale “All Around the Christmas Tree.” It’s a family jamboree of appreciation!

Loeksband can’t help “Singing by the Christmas Tree.” He names as many of the carols as he can fit in to his bluegrass pop. But, it worry about his back up bears. They don’t look so good.

Allie Jo Thomas got some sharp country charm in her kid songs. “Gonna Run Around the Christmas Tree” may have one YeeHaw! too many, but it’s quite the celebratory way to wear out the little rascals so they’ll sleep.

Wrap Me ‘Round the Christmas Tree Tonight” asks The Bossy Fairy in the grade school musical. Patricia Lee takes the childish blues home with her need to shimmy.

Wrapping now, Nadine Bryant phrases the idea of what’s important through jump blues with “Wrap Happy All Around Your Christmas Tree.” What color bow ‘top your bliss, miss?

Watch Out for Rockets took on the trend of the “Upside Down Christmas Tree” to celebrate just how shiny fun the state of mind is no matter how you tilt it. Just when you thought you had that tree just right… Garage lite if you please.