TreeMendous Holiday Fun: Bough to the Lord

We don’t put a cradle in the room to celebrate the birth of the Lord, so that tree ought to have super associative properties.

Coyly avoiding the name, Sheree Brown and Ledon Smith sing about LOVE, which is “The Christmas Tree I See.” Motown adds legitimacy.

Barbara Fairchild comes right out and says the “Christmas Tree” is just like Jesus Christ. Her wavering ballad with smudges of country gospel make it so. (Roy Morris narrates some sermon to keep you on track.)

Sounding like a ’70s TV commercial Danadrienne folk lecture us to remember the “Forgotten Christmas Tree.” Remember? Christ?

For puppet show ‘Arnie’s Shack’ the star on the “Christmas Tree” is the star of Bethlehem. Electric pop–for kids!

Michael Warner strums some south of the border pop to also string together ornamentation and that Heaven stuff with “A Star on Top of the Christmas Tree.” This’ll get the kids believing in no time.

In fact the Nativity had “No Christmas Tree” at all, so cut that pagan stuff out–according to this marching country sermon from Mary Lee.

Sherri Gough crosses the line from rejoicing in the birth to putting that “Christmas Tree on a Hill.” It’s a pretty country piece though, so let’s listen. (And those other grisly tree as cross numbers come later on.)