Snow Way: no where

Some locales are hemispherically challenged and can only see Xmas snow on Turner Classic Movies or Lifetime Channel. Does that make you sing? Does it?

Branded Duo have a nice country irony in “White Christmasses in Houston.” No snow. Nice swing.

Boogie Woogie zydeco from Allen Toussaint, “The Day It Snows on Christmas” posits the sad impossibility of a White Loozey-Anna Christmas.

Bombadil is more alt pop with “No Snow in the Valley.” Less Christmas, more message.

No Snow for Christmas” is Tracey Jane Smith’s Xmas card for family from her hellish hole in Florida. They have it rough playing in the pool, and watch out for the last couple minutes of home movies. Roy Peter Clark also pisses and moans about “Christmas Without Snow” in Florida. He does sing slightly better than the Smith children. Piano bar.

The Tropical Christmas (No Snow? It Doesn’t Bother Me)” is old Brit music hall rock and while it doesn’t get destination specific, makes the point party-ifically.

Nā Hoa ship us to more tropics with “Christmas Without Snow.” Hawaiian yodeling.

Electronica reggae! Billy Paul Williams raises the truth with “No Snow in Jamaica.” Testify!

Is this political? “No Snow in Africa This Christmas” from Puddock Stew is unplugged protest folkrock.

Mr. O gets gnarly with “Christmas in Hong Kong.” No snow is part of the angst he rocks off his chest.