Snow Way: hate it

Tired of all the snow? Starting to hate it? Want to go after it with the curling iron? Then listen….

G. Salvia says it outright: “I Hate the Friggin’ Snow!” Home grown rock strumming, ahuh. Fishing God Productions has a better version.

Bill Morgan goes so far as to say “I Hate Snow” but he means Christmas snow. Showtune with Russian influences.

John Mitchell opens the door to parodies. His ‘Let It Snow’ take off “I Hate Snow” delivers what his funny uncle mustache promises.

Lorelei Savaryn continues the parody parade with “I Hate Snow” as a ‘Let It Go’ parody. Slightly more wit, certainly a longer song. Howard Teschner, too.

The “No Snow Song” posted by ronniebus is parody of Ringo’s ‘No No Song’ but i still think it’s good. Listen.

skwank has posted a charming Brit punk screamer “I Hate Snow.” Mildly jolly profanity.

John Wayne Donovan gooses his inner Elvis for “I Hate Snow.” Leans into that guitar good.

Canadian teen Austin Thomas confides “I Really Hate Snow.” Northern bluegrass fun.

Steven Lyons gargles his country singing for “Santa, I Hate the Snow.” Be a man.

Wendy Jans strings along the country sound to a soulful “Don’t Let it Snow.” Some range.

Tampa Stan tries to be funny with “I Hate Snow.” Oompah rock.

Reacting to a messed up year (tragedy?) alexxx sings “I Hate Snow” and everything that goes with it. So there.