Snow Way: just

Just the word snow is enough to jimmie loose those songwriting instincts.

Snow” by Rosemary Clooney appears in the cinematic chestnut ‘White Christmas.’ It’s a torch song for the white stuff. (She sang it with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in the film, but her voice was subbed out to Peggy Lee in the soundtrack.)

Plank Road’s Teresa Jennings has a Gulf Coast beat with some pretty arpeggios for her “Snow.”

Claudine Longet gives us a taste of the ’60s (before she was a boyfriend shooter) with the French pop “Snow.”

Brand new release from Angus and Julia Stone sells “Snow” as a family country folk fusion.

Loreena McKennitt brings the ethereal with her Celtic faerie tinkling in “Snow.” Shivers!!

Illinois alt rockers Sleeping at Last made a fan collage of submitted footage into a video for their own soft paean to “Snow.” Ooh, look!

Snow Way: coming

Look Out! It’s coming!

Dawn Langstroth regales us with a soulful jazz number “Here Comes the Snow.” It’s hauntingly familiar but totes Christmas.

Amadeus the Gallifreyan’s synth/dance mix “Here Comes the Snow” may be getting us off topic with loneliness and isolation. But i hear hope.

Mustard’s Retreat has a sad sullen “Here Comes the Snow.” They’re breaking up via piano bar country.

Trying to make the best of it Glenn Galen goes dark country lounge with “Here Comes the Snow.” Seems to be trading a downward market for climate change, you ask me.

Raldo Schneider’s “Here Comes the Snow” is a real country John Denver revival. I smell trouble in the bedroom.

Let’s uplift ya a bit with a Beatles’ take off by The Crickets (ten-year-olds) “Here Comes the Snow.” Awww.

Adult enthusiasm from Eric Alexandrakis with his playful “Here Comes the Snow.” Some old world oompah and some pop music badump bump.

Teresa Jennings goes to town at times for the elementary assemblies with her monstrously prolific Plank Road Publishing. Her “Here Comes the Snow” is an Irish barnburner. Great fiddlin’ recommended.

Snow Way: letting

What we really need is the definitive verse of Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne’s 1945 date rape fantasia “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” (Dumb parodies like “Shovel Snow, Shovel Snow, Shovel Snow” by Dave Rudolf notwithstanding.) (Special mention goes out to James Covenant‘s STTNG viral cut-and-paste sensation from 2013.) I guess Rod Stewart has the biggest hit–who cares–and it’s gone inappropriate from the likes of Twisted Sister–yawn–so let’s slow things way down to quaalude molasses level from The Butterflies of Love for a real snowed-in cabin fever experience. Get comfy now….

Snow Way: hoping

While on the topic of weather manipulation, let us mention the maudlin machination moaned by Deanna Loveland, “If I Could Make It Snow.” Lite country ballideering with Celine highlights.

The Vamps are heartbroken and snow’s the trigger. “Hoping for Snow” is just twisting the knife in this pop folk tinkler. Whoa whoa whoa baby.

Sarah Close has looped in her universe with a parody of her own minor UK hit ‘Call Me Out’ into “Snow It Down.” I applaud self parody, but this solipsism is only saved by her deservedly diva talent. Siren pop.

Surrounding Cities ice pop music over a garage cinder block with “Hoping for Snow.” It’s hopeful, with an emo twist. (Nice guitar solo.)

Elto2 goes crazy on her uke (not really) with her homegrown folk rock “Hoping for Snow.” Shyly talented.

kb467 posts a ‘traditional’ Christmas song “Hoping for Snow.” Much more Christmas in this ’60s throwback altpop.

Snow Way: wishing

The clearest sign of Christmas acceptance is that snow falling down. It’s there in every Hallmark movie. So we send out the vibes and wishes and hopes and hollerin’.

Tyler Carter and Scout rap out the reality of their need for absolution with “Make It Snow.” Needy.

Band of Merrymakers express their desire with “Snow Snow Snow.” Bouncy frothy pop. You know you love it.

James Maddison Music unites children from around the world for their creepy harmony with “We Just Want it to Snow.” That many wee voices woven makes me dive under the divan.

Mr. Butters Music also conjures talented youthful voices with “Please Let It Snow.” Show tune worthy, but also just this side of conjuring.

Vituoso Girl gets the kinder version right with “I Want It to Snow.” Slightly annoying with its forthrightness, not too clever, but soaring and now with less winking.

Snow Way: flakes the iii

Well, you might not just love your snowflakes. You might FEAR them. Get weirded out by Shad Weathersby as he’s “Chasing Snowflakes.” Children of the cornstarch! Aiee!

Don’t forget about God! Michael Peace lays on the lounge act seeing Jesus in “SnowFlakes.” He means it.

Less serious is Moss Grad with his science presentation to the tune of Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’ “Dendrite Snowflake Song.”

Crushing comedy into an icy ball is Jenny Stafford at The Musical Theater Factory, sitting all y’all down for that talk about uniqueness and snowflakes in, y’know, song. “The Snowflake Song” goes on a bit, but stays amusing.

Tim Hawkins sings that same message to his own children. His “Snowflake”? Better singing, but harshly abrupt. Did i mention funny?

Snow Way: flakes sr.

I’m not saying snowflakes mean love for the adults. But they are…

Bryant Oden has some synthy pop in his “Snowflake Kisses.” Young love is so fast!

Jason Chen is more puppy dog breathy with his “Snowflake.” Earnest pop love song. She could do better.

Slow it down with a lonely guy (and his guitar) in a dark room. Playful, almost Hawaiian, folk from Ernest Mistica in “Snowflake.” ‘Nother hour of practice and we’ll have something.

Laid back bouncy bluegrass from Pickin’ On in the form of “Trailer Trash (feat. Iron Horse)” mentions snowflakes, so here’s Sasha Armani jockin’ and syncin’ with his “Snowflake Song.” Fun. We may be a tad off topic.

Simo Dacanay rotates us back to the holidays with “Snowflake,” another power pop pouter about you, baby.

Amp it up with Amber Sky Records (feat. Adam Courtney) tearing up party rock with their “Snowflake Song.” The harder the backbeat, the deeper the love.


Let’s round up with ’66 country rock: funny, but also musical! Jim Reeves sings “Snowflake” to his sweetie ‘cuz he met her when it was cold (‘though i think she’s never warmed to him).

Snow Way: flakes jr.

While we’re hibernating in the Winter still, let’s acknowledge the BIG Christmas song picture: all aspects of This Time of the Year are fair game for caroling. Let it Snow, Baby It’s Cold, Winter Wonderland are all about the need to be close together inside exchanging warmth by our mere presence. (Yea, even unto Jingle Bells which does NOT mention Christmas.)

We here at Novelty Central have proven time and again that you can’t have enough on your Christmas playlist. We’re all inclusive and we cherish all colors, ingredients, and positions.

So let’s talk freezing…

To begin with, the snowflake is a symbol of natural complexity and wonder. (So of course it’s been politicized into a derogatory epithet–not white privilege, as was prevalent until about 10 years ago. Now it means PC and over-protective of liberal uniqueness. Guys, if you need to reappropriate hate terms, it’s all in Shakespeare!) (We’re too retro and loving here to give that any more airplay.)

Kids love this stuff, so i need to spend a day on their innocence and lack of originality in snow songs.

Baby Learning World combos with Kids Learning Tube to teach us elementary science in their “Snowflake Song.” You’ll recognize references from ‘Frozen’ and Middle Earth and sci fi.

Miss Molly has that dull intonation that makes kids want to singalong with her “Snowflakes Falling Song.” Caution: counting. You may get hypnotized.

More wondrous and wootsie-cootsie comes Super Simple Learning with the nursery rhyme “Little Snowflake.” Lots of links to toys you can buy and more songs crowd out the end of this. They also teach forest animals “Each Snowflake is Special,” but the irony of so is everyone else! seems lost here.

Time for the assembly song! Plank Road Publishing pushes “A Million Little Snowflakes” to indoctrinate the wee ones.

Rosemary Clooney made it famous, but our new and improved “Suzy Snowflake” arrives care of the ADHD stylings of Soul Coughing. Still just kid stuff.

Peter Pan Carolers sing in a round with Their “Snowflake Song” from the happening ’70s. It’s melting, man! Peter Wood Singers slow this down for maximum meditation. Sounds like background music for The Brady Bunch.

A gentle rock’n’roll meditation from Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, “Snowflake” puts us into a ’65 kind of mood. Mmm, that’s good cave-baby groovin’.

Couple guys with guitars The String Beans laugh and play with their “Snowflakes” song.

Tiana has quite an anthem on “Snowflakes” from her Toys and Me album. (Santa’s mentioned.) Uplifting.

Oddly affecting, SpongeBob Square Pants sings “Snowflakes” like a beat poet. Folk rocksie.

Nyanna makes a real dance number for her “Snowflake Waltz.” Keep arms in position, tots!

Most fun (and almost educational) are Trout Fishing in America with “Bob and Bob.” Those snowflakes might all be different, but a couple of ’em might have the same name. Could happen. Picking and grinning fun.