Snow Way: even more fun

Rhymecast goes childish with “Do You Want to Play in the Snow?” Frankly i’m scared of these children and these lyrics. No thank you.

Just as unfortunate, English teaching through songs from Turn On Your English results in “In the Snow.” Fluent Englishers may have trouble with the understanding of it here now.

Robotic easy listening from Dina Martina with “Fun in the Snow (Phoebe).” I guess this is for kids, but the over enunciation is so oddly pronounced i bet the kids could have ironic fun w/it.

Kpop, where the girls look like girls and so do the boys–barely legal. Starship Planet teases out some snowtime love with “Snow Candy.” (Fret not, subtitles will walk you through the playful romanticisms.)

Detours, the alt-Brit pop experience, make us wish for more white with “Fun in the Snow.” I guess they can get silly when they want.

Snow Way: fun for the developed

Adults fall down and wave on the ground this time of year, too.

Kenny Loggins gets responsibly grown up and romantic with “Angels in the Snow.” It’s lofty eezee listening about their kids. Best paired with a young merlot.

The Listening pleases the crowd live with ethereal hard rock for their “Angels in the Snow.” Woo

Beth Sherburn makes a romantic come-on with her “Snow Angels.” Odd foreplay, but okay.

Washing the love with the whiteness of snow Amy Sky’s “Angels in the Snow” reflects, reveres.

Wanting wishing leering Eddie Pinero emo-pops “Snow Angels” mostly about lost innocence.

Cris Williamson lights up the disco genre with “Snow Angel.” High notes, high sentiment, seems high.

Ed Grossheim dedicates his “Snow Angel” to his special one. Sounds like they were doing more than waving arms/legs. Winkwink.

The journey of life occupies “Snow Angels” by William Park. Dude, he’s dying!

About the most disturbing expression of love and life through the song “Snow Angel” heralds from Willie Hyde. This pokey country campfire crooning will mess you up.

Snow Way: fun for wee ones

Snow’s here! Now what? Playtime!

Sarah Hart lullabys the innocent with her “Snow Angels.” Bit hyper to lull; soaring and insistent.

mrbuttersmusic chills you way down with the childish glee of having snow for the first time. “Angels in the Snow” is saccharine and treacly and, well, surprisingly angelic for kids’ music. Good luck getting your child’s assembly to sound like this.

Kid Pan Alley jollies up “Snow Angels and Icicles” so much so i have to ask, is this for kids or just her? The scat, too?

I mean grown ups singing simply might be rhyme-splaining or there they go educating children. Listen to the guileless Daisy May Erlewine’s “Snow Angel” and tell me the difference.

Snow Angel” by Over the Rhine says a sad goodbye to childhood. Irish folk gets away with that.

Alt-folk Clare Means makes “Snow Angels” mean growing up and expressing yourself.

SpiRos Ontic mix punk and rockabilly for their “Snow Angels.” Hope mom doesn’t find out.

Sharon Smith calms us again with whispery joy bordering on Celtic fairie. “Angels in the Snow” feels like a smooth sleigh ride through gorgeosity. Childlike fun yet sophisticated.


Snow Way: what else

Snow + Christmas = song. Ready. Set…

Snow White Crystal Clear” is one of those lazy lounge musings that people just can’t get enough of. Esler Burke makes me comfortable with his easy listening pandering. Need a nap….

BLUE ALERT to awaken your sensibilities. Chompa has a wake-up call with “Beneath the Snow.” Preachy rap.

Let’s calm it down with a young woman, a piano, and Xmas lights. A spark of hope in the horror, a wisp of snow in the night, doddlevloggle’s “Smile at the Snow.” Poignant and homey show tune just for you.

Kicky yet humdrum, Matthew Hickman’s “You Can’t Hide in the Snow” at least celebrates the holiday.

Now crazy girl pop from The Rumbar Girls commercializing for Stroh with “In the Snow.” Forget about your Christmas!?

Rainbows in the snow?! “Snowbows” by Stan Beard & the Swinging Strings

(American Song-Poem).

Brenda Lee’s “Strawberry Snow” seems to mourn the loss of childhood, but honestly–where’s the snow, Xmas, Winter?? Stringsection pop.

Wrapping up with pretty pop punch from Matt Wertz in “Snow Globe.” ‘Winter Wonderland’ for the XXI Century.

Snow Way: fallen

Take a long look outside at the blanket o’ white and marvel. Is there any other view that stymies our senses so?

Manhatten Transfer smoo-oo-ooth their way across the pale piles with the classic 1941 Claude Thornhill “Snowfall.” The band is so big, it’s orchestral. Doris Day adds sex to this one. Tony Bennett adds class. The Four Freshman add cool. Let’s stop there.

Gospel tinges Ingrid Michaelson’s “Snowfall.” But it’s a prayer for love of man, more than of God.

Reckless Kelly turns his “Snowfall” into a cowboy survival struggle. Just another night out West.

Scott Chapman stumbles through his poetic “Snowfall (Christmas Dreaming)” mixing love, Christmas joy, sadness and beauty in no particular order. Languid pop balladeering.

Pretty puffery from the makers of Angry Birds. “The Snowfall Full Song” might appear fragmentarily in the background of some video game, but here it’s a maestro-piece of vocal wonder and piano drama. Sung by Osmo Ikonen.

Illinois State University’s a cappella group The Clef Hangers pace out a serious (Enya inspired) and solemn “Snowfall.” Try not to watch how they channel their emotions bodily.

Rock that fall! Tim Rosenau burns up the flurry with “It Snowed.” Ooo, mama.

Well, here’s what turns my snow machine on: HANSA with their “Snowfall.” Fun frothy frivolity!

Snow Way: still falling (as is civilization)

Although i try to avoid the heavy metaphors that get way off the solstice/holiday track, some are too thematically on topic to leave by the way side.

Gabe and Lilli Shakouor pity the homeless with a tinny rendition of “The Snow is Falling.” It’s rap set to Pachelbel’s Canon. Oh, NOW you want to hear it?

Victoria Scott also sings out for the underhoused with a hollow tinkling gospel jazz chiller: “Snow is Falling.”

If it’s Yoko, it’s political. “Listen the Snow is Falling” calls for peace, whether or not you get it.

Movietone is atonal jazz with simple declaratives like “Snow is Falling.” So there’s subtext, baby, betcher bottom dollar.

Will Foster complains “The Snow is Falling Down” because he can’t get home fast enough. Country hypertension.

Chris de Burgh makes an anti-war statement with “Snow is Falling” (on our shallow graves). It’s sweeping high orchestral pacifism (hang your heads), so just about right for Xmastime.

Snow Way: still falling (for you)

The unceasing natural phenomenon is just like love. So says Jay Davies in “Snow is Falling.” Retro rock with heavy timpani.

Ruthie + the Giants also allude to romance with “Snow is Falling.” Their apathetic sensuality makes them sound garage, but I sense some lazy rockabilly here.

Heating up the forecast No Harvest gives us “Snow is Falling” as a come on to come over. Like to be snowbound with you….

Saying love with snowfall means– polka! John Stevens’s Doubleshot play “The Snow is Falling Polka” until you admit your love! He can outlast you!

Israeli Daniel Mesrati worries that since “The Snow is Falling” she may not be coming. His BB King tribute band serves him well, but he’s been left out in the sun too long.

Lewsh has the same trouble with his baby not coming back to him in “Snow is Falling.” Rockabilly regret.

Here comes the breakup! “Snow is Falling Down” from Andrea Gleason takes us down down down with guitar folk rock. He wasn’t worth it!

Snow is Lightly Falling” is sorrow and Celtic blues from Nightnoise. Warbling winter woe.

A young Ray Charles ups the blues with “The Snow is Falling.” Dying, crying, why-o-whying… it’s that time of year. Fantasia sasses the blues with her sexy version of the same number.

“Snow is Falling” from the Loungers (feat. Travo) expresses that big hope that with the whitewashing of the seasons, perhaps there’s hope of getting back together. An altrock charmer with a danceable rhythm.

Snow Way: falling

It  keeps keeping on! It’s never going to stop!

Educational songs for the kiddies! Guriezo sings “Snow is Falling Down” in broken English so we can learn how not to say it!

Snow is Falling Down” gets sung by many elementary schools. Not sure where it comes from. It’s not Plank Road. But it will teach them to bang on those tambourines in any way they want to.

Vincent Micciche puts the cliches to work with “Snow is Falling.” Light elevator rock tells us about love, peace, children, Christmas, and… oh i guess other happy tidings too.

Piedmont Songbag chants out the problems we’ll have, and the precautions we’ll need with “Roger, It’s Snowing.” I’d take them seriously, i’d.

Darker My Love play “Snow is Falling” with a funky rock joy. The harbinger of Christmas seems like a glad master coming to oppress us in the nicest way possible. Be merry, i mean why not?

Shakin’ Stevens’s big Christmas hit was ‘Merry Christmas Everyone,’ but it gets shared as “Snow is Falling.” ’80s UK rock from the Welsh big dog (check out that sax). (Yeah, the VEVO is super creepy.)

Buster Inc unapologetically goes full throated with “Snow is Falling, Amen!” Christ under a star and you under a blanket of white, it just goes together, friends. To the rafters!

Creepy gospel soft country from Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius in the dull shape of “Fall Softly Snow.” Angels, mangers, Mary–all crammed in there.

They said rain, but Trout Fishing in America gets us back on family values Christmas track with “Snow is Falling.” (And some fatherly jazz support wrapping the presents.) Thanks TFA!

Discordant hammering yodeling nostalgia from Timothy Seth Avett as Darling (?!) with “Snow is Falling.” Prog rock mixed media. Or, as we say around here, you don’t hear that everyday.

Silhouette goes big hair band with “When Snow’s Falling Down.” The prog electronica rock is overwhelming and it loses its way 2.5 minutes in. But this is a concert piece. Sit still and wait for the Big Finish. Boy, is it.

Snow Way: first, the sequel

Some first snow songs appeal to the more mature.

I shall skip all the completely off-base weirdness that snow represents to artists. But it have a soft spot for Jethro Tull. “The First Snow in Brooklyn” has little to do with Christmas, Winter, or us. This word soup takes you where your medication dictates. Enjoy.

A fecund enough subject, thus here come the homegrown with his own compositions. Barry Beattie beats on that guitar for his own country rocking “First Snowfall.” I wanna do the backup!

Bah & The Humbugs sound coarse, but their “The First Snowflake” is Invasion folk rock about the big picture, world. Hold hands, find inner peace, be.

Yeah, The Carpenters made this one a hit. But Bing released it first (as he did with most Christmas songs). “The First Snowfall” is schmaltzy and dawdling, but so was life back then. Like only looking at a corner of a Norman Rockwell.

But i’m really here to discover the undiscovered bands humping and hurting and wailing their irony until some one some where appreciates them. Over the Rhine clads their existential misery in the metaphor of a mangy neglected manger scene improved by the “First Snowfall.” It’s like an angel’s first singing. Bravo, guys.

Snow Way: firsties

All of our anticipation for Winter’s secondary characteristics leads us to the deep seated joy over that first fall.

Hal Leonard Choral supplies secondary schools with arrangements for those tricky pubescent voices. But “The First Snow” is as winsome and awesome as you might expect.

Shawnee Press competes with a similar “The First Snowfall.” This is in the dog-wince range, however.

From some children’s book The First Snow of Winter comes this song by Pat Tracy with Gaelic fiddle and range. It’s heroic and stuff.

And now for something completely old: William Huckaby has revived 19th C songs to sinister effect as with John B Tabb’s “The First Snowfall.” Lord help us.

Gotta feed the a cappella jones while we’re here too. Moodswing swings and sways with “First Snowfall” creating a roller coaster of thumpy jazz.